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FAQs About Wristbands

Q: What types of wristbands does Event Wristbands Kenya offer?

A. At Event Wristbands Kenya, we offer a variety of wristbands to suit different event needs. Our range includes Tyvek Paper Wristbands, Silicone Wristbands, Vinyl Wristbands, Fabric Wristbands, and RFID Wristbands.

Q: How can I customize the wristbands to reflect my event branding?

A: We offer customization options for our wristbands. You can include your event logo, brand name. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your customized wristbands align perfectly with your event vision.

Q: Are the wristbands durable and waterproof?

A: Yes, our wristbands are designed to be durable and water-resistant, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of events. Whether it's rain or sweat, our wristbands will remain intact, providing long-lasting wear throughout the event.

Q: What is the turnaround time for ordering wristbands?

A: The turnaround time for in stock items in same day delivery but printed wristbands can vary depending on the customization requirements and quantity. Our team will provide you with a clear timeline for production and delivery, ensuring that you receive your wristbands in a timely manner for your event.

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