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Introducing Glow Body Paint – Black Light Neon Face Paint.A New Sensation in Kenya!

Water Based Glow Body Paint

Unleash your creativity with this water-based face paint, specially crafted for a bold and vibrant glow under blacklights. Ideal for various occasions, this neon face and body paint brings a burst of color to your makeup collection.

Unveil the Neon Spectrum: 8 Bold Neon Shades for Every Occasion

This Glow Black Light Neon Face Body Paint is available in 8 striking shades, ensuring a vivid and eye-catching look during the day. Please note that blue and purple exhibit a weak fluorescent glow in natural light but truly come to life in the dark under UV blacklights.

Application Made Easy: How to Achieve the Perfect Glow

Method 1: Add a small amount of water to the color cake, stir with a brush, and apply on the desired area for a smooth and bright finish.

Method 2: Wet the brush to mix the paint directly in the pan, giving you control over the opacity and allowing for easy application.

Pro Tips for Beginners: Master the Art of Glow

For a beginner-friendly approach, spray the brush with water, dip it into the pigment, and create a less liquid consistency for seamless application.

Versatility at Its Best: Water-Based Eyeliner for a Dazzling Look

Transform this single face paint into a radiant eyeliner that glows under UV/blacklight. While it dries fast and applies smoothly, it’s essential to note that it’s not waterproof, making removal a breeze with soapy warm water or wipes.

Safe and Hypoallergenic: Glow with Confidence

This neon face paint boasts a hypoallergenic and non-toxic formula, meticulously tested. Crafted from a mild formula, it won’t itch, crack, or irritate the skin, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for kids – perfect for glow parties or school glow nights.

Suitable for Every Occasion: Illuminate Your World

Whether it’s a fancy ball, club night, photoshoot, or festive occasions like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Birthday, or Valentine’s Day, this high-pigment glow blacklight face body paint is your go-to choice for a stunning and memorable look.

Order Glow Black Light Neon Face Body Paint Today and Illuminate Your Beauty in Kenya!


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Water Based Glow Body Paint
Body Glow Paint I Water Uv Paint
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